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The strip was still open to traffic at 8:48pm.

Some people were still riding the roller coaster in front of the New York New York Hotel

Since the street was still closed to pedestrians, it was a bit of a bottleneck on the corner of Tropicana & Las Vegas Blvd

It became a real love fest - I had to hold my camera up high just to keep from getting squished!

My friend Rich was also buried deep in people.
My friend Rich got separated from me in the middle of this mess, but fortunately, we both had our cell phones with us.

The person in front of me had the same idea for saving their beverage!

LVMPD keeping an eye on things
The Las Vegas Metro PD had 3 choppers keeping an eye on things.

The crowds were still pretty thin, and traffic was finally shut down on the strip to make more room for the pedestrians.

The cops were keeping an eye on things, and maintaining the barricades.

Mounted patrol in front of the Monte Carlo
I was waiting to catch up with my friend Rich, when I spotted these two cuties on horseback - you gotta love a horse in riot gear!

A few more people had arrived...

Rich Taylor on camera...
Here's another shot of my friend Rich Taylor using his camera.

No trampling the landscaping!
NYE 1999 saw a lot of damage to the center median landscaping, so this year, there were barricades the entire length of the Strip to keep people out - you could still cross over at major intersections.

Lots of people at the intersection of Flamingo and the Strip.

From what I read in the paper, this corner had some problems with women flashing their breasts last year, so this flatbed trialer with lots of cops was stationed blocking the area. This barricade prevented me from going any further down the LV Strip.

Babe in plastic!
You know she wanted to get noticed! And I did!

Babes in plastic from behind...
This view is my personal favorite!

This is just after I came back out of my trip to the bathroom (one stop at the Barbary Coast, and another at Ballys!)

Knights of the Round Can!
These crazies donned helmets made from their royal beer guzzling!

I really liked this guy's reflective shirt, and the couple next to him was definitely in the party mood.

Lots of folks out on the Strip now! This shot is where I stayed for about 40 minutes up until the clock counted down.

Mooning the crowd
I spotted this pair showing off their best side. (they were standing on top of a bus stop shelter)

They couldn't wait for Midnight to light the sparklers!

A self portrait
I thought I should get a shot of myself down in the thick of things.

11:53pm - this guy fell out of the tree
This is better with the audio of the tree branch cracking, but you can kind of get the idea what happened.

11:53pm - this guy fell out of the tree
Second shot in the sequence...

11:53pm - this guy fell out of the tree
Third shot in the sequence...

11:53pm - this guy fell out of the tree
Last shot in the sequence...

I got a lot of attention with my video light!
Everyone wants to be on TV!

11:57pm - Aerial show at the Eiffel Tower
These aerialists at the Paris hotel were pretty cool to watch.

11:58pm - Aerial show at the Eiffel Tower
Second shot.

11:59pm - Aerial show at the Eiffel Tower
Third shot.

11:59pm - Aerial show at the Eiffel Tower
Final shot.

More idiots in the trees...
I guess they didn't see the other guy fall out (or maybe they DID!)

Last second of the Millennium!
According to the clock at the Bellagio, this is the last second of the Millennium.

The crowd bathed in light from the sign across the street.

Mylar confetti falling from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

The crowd getting ready to go.

Guy climbing a light pole, he got down ok (I have the video of that) - this is not the guy who fell to his death, but it was very near this spot.

I stole a kiss from this excited party-goer.

All these stills are freeze frames from my JVC MiniDV video camera.
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