Welcome to my 1968 Ford F-250
restoration page!
Here she is, my HUGE 1968 Ford F-250 crew cab pickup. This truck is 20 feet long, and weighs over 6000 pounds (that's 3 tons; an elephant weighs about 4 tons)

I don't like white for the color, so I am working to change that. The original paint is a horrid
green. Well, it was the 60s!

This side view shows the 4 doors and gives a better idea of the length.

The original front bumper was chrome, not gray paint.
This rear view shows the towing receiver and ball. It is rated to 8000 lbs, and that is for a trailer resting on the hitch! With a gooseneck trailer (rests on axle, not the rear), this truck could ideally tow 14,000 lbs.
There's plenty of passenger space, like an SUV, but with all the advantages of a truck bed.

Those seat covers have got to go! How about captain's chairs for the front?
This white interior was well painted, but I don't like the color. So, with lots of work, it will change.
Also, that factory steering wheel needs to be replaced. Notice the A/C unit under the dash? It works!
This truck is also a manual shift... but not for long.
This is the truck in January, 1998.
It burned and leaked oil, but had a surprisingly well maintained interior.
The body is pretty straight, and there is no frame damage.
Now, it's time to go to work!
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