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This is your last chance to "chicken out"!
(that takes on special meaning here!)

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If you are ready, scroll down and let the feeding begin!

Here they are, pythons and boas eating various creatures...


That's a lot of stretching!

Here are the little ones with a chicken each
Esmerelda eats a rat
Beak, feathers, and feet!

Sasha with a full tummy
This is Sasha after finishing the largest rabbit I ever fed her.
The rabbit weighed more than 10 pounds, and it took her several hours to swallow it.
As you can see, the lump takes up more than a third of Sasha's total body length.
It took her 10 days to digest this meal.

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If you want to see snakes killing and eating prey, you have come to the right place.
If this is not your bag, and you would be offended greatly by such material,
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Sasha kills a rabbit Luke kills a rabbit Luke swallows a rabbit
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