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Please keep rabbits, chickens, rats, and other small edible creatures at a safe distance.

This page is dedicated in the loving memory of Jaune

Kira is my green burmese python. She weighs 15 pounds and is 7 feet long. I got her as a hatchling in 1993.

Luke is my albino burmese python. He is my only boy. He weighs 25 pounds and is 8 feet long. I got him at the same time as Kira. He was a hatchling, too.

Sasha is my big girl. She weighs 45 pounds, and is over 10 feet long. She is still growing! She is my oldest, hatched in 1992. I got her as a baby, and she is the only one to ever give me a semi-serious bite (on the hand). I have learned a lot about these pythons since 1992, and it has been years since my last bite! Her colors are the "normal colors" for the breed.

Esmerelda is the latest addition to my snake pit. She is a Colombian Red Tail Boa, and was given to me by a good friend who could no longer care for her. I am keeping her in separate quarters, until I find out from multiple reputable sources that there are no health risks to either boa or python if they are kept together. Esmerelda is about 6 feet long, and has a tiny appetite compared to my Burmese. She is now eating SMALL rabbits, instead of the rats she used to eat.

So, now you know a little about my favorite pastime. My pets! this is a baby picture of Kira and Luke, pressed against the glass of the tank they first lived in. Aren't they CUTE?

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